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From what i remember from using them, they have a lot of mids, so i think it could work for stuff like COB, but not that really heavy scooped distortion. All depends what kind of metal you play.
Steve Vai approved, so :p

I mean, if your idea of a metal tone is steve vai's tone, then go for it.

By the way... Steve Vai was in David Lee Roth's band back in the day, so check out some of those songs, like Yankee Rose, Going Crazy, Shy Boy, on youtube. They're fairly metal.
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I wouldn't use a Legacy for metal. They do beautiful, detailed low-mid gain and singing high gain tones, but aren't the best amps for really heavy rhythm playing.
The Legacy is a fairly low gain amp, and very thick in the bottom end. You might find it muddy for rhythm work.
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