Well about a week ago i purchased an epiphone les paul 100. Over the past week i have been thinking and wondering if i should sell it ( i cant return it because i threw the box out). In replacement getting a dean vendetta 1.f (vendetta with licensed floyd) because of the music i play.

Please give me your opinions, suggestions....whatever.
Are you doing okay with the Les Paul, and is a floyd a major need?

I know I would do it, but then again I would never buy a epi Les Paul
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im doing pretty well with the les paul but i play alot of metal a low end epiphone wont do very well. And yes i would love a Floyd. Its either the dean or an ibanez of some sort.
man i dont know if i would sell it. i know its new but i dont think anyone is going to want to pay much for it.
keep it for a back up but definately look into an ibanez
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stick with the LP...you should never sell a guitar that you've owned in my opinion, and with a decent amp/fx pedal a Les Paul will do the trick for metal anyway....hell, I know a few metal players who have beginner set stratocaster guitars and they sound awesome when they play metal...so a Les Paul will be fine
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man i dont know if i would sell it. i know its new but i dont think anyone is going to want to pay much for it.

It never hurts to have a LP in the arsenal. Save up for another guitar that has a FR trem and you should be set. You bought the LP for a reason, there is something you like about it so there should be no harm in keeping it. Maybe down the road you can trade/sell it to a buddy, whatever. Good luck.
yeah, fair enough. I might as well keep it. It is nice but my next guitars gonna be an Ibanez RG
for sure.
Hmm so are you a new guitarist or have you been playing for a while? Do you change tunings alot? And how are you with guitar setups?
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i've played sine july '07. the only tuning changes i make is from standard to drop d or drop c, nothing special...