hi, i just recorded a poor attempt at crossroads with my guitar>pedalboard>pc with realtek ac97 rack and am interested in your views as to sound quality.I am new to recording with a pc and would like to eventually record overdubs and drums,bass,etc.can anyone tell me of any good software(preferably freeware)that i could start with and what gear do i need any info appreciated.please check out my recording,it is in my mp3's in my profile.all criticism appreciated.
Use a bit less gain and a lot less reverb.

Good software includes Audacity (which is free), and the main ones to buy are Ableton Live 7, Cakewalk Sonar 7, Cubase 4 or Logic Pro if you're on a Mac.
ty ,i had thought i had far too much reverb and just slightly too much gain.i'll remedy that in future any advice on software for a beginner?
You should check out Acoustica's Mixcraft, which is free to use but there is a countdown on how many tracks you can convert to mp3. It is a very basic piece of software to compare with Pro Tools, but it is very user friendly and you can get some very good recording results. Here's the link - http://www.acoustica.com/mixcraft/.
As mentioned above, don't rely on reverb for volume. Pan right and left, and maybe throw it in middle too. I suggest putting a soft middle track with moderate reverb, and the left and right louder and on more reverb. Playing with reverb can also result in interesting results. Hell, I'm rambling.
hi again guys,thanks for the comments,appreciated.i downloaded audacity,i think it will be a while before i learn to use it.anyway i uploaded a 2nd recording.toned down the reverb,found out i can do 2 tracks in the realtek and done a bluesmessaround.still got too much fuzz i think but sound quality overall has improved i think.if you could check it out and listen close cause i think i got buzzin from my guitar in the background,the lead i'm using into my guitar when i touch it the buzz goes away,any ideas as to whats causing this.could my lead or input be faulty.anyhow if i could find tracking software that i could just plug instruments into the mic socket and record track by track that would be ideal for me.any ideas?
I listened to the two tracks on your profile, both had too much reverb IMO but being im on my laptop I could not really get a proper feel for the sound.
It was really quite though...amp the sound up and use a compressor on the final mixdown to do a simple mastering, you could also Normalize the final track.

this will bring up the volume a lot more so we can all hear it without having to turn up our speaker causing them to hiss...
ty,for the advice,i think your right on the first guitar sound like i got too much reverb there.as for sound i ain't sure are you talkin quality or volume?if it's way too quiet,i think it is coz i maybe recorded it with volumes wrong,however i still think the quality is slightly better than the first recording.anyhoo i'll keep messing around with the settings.cheers