My first guitar, a Yamaha ERG-121 is just sitting there, and it's pretty dead. The ****ty plastic finish is chipping away from the body and the headstock, and the hardware is a bit corroded I think. So I decided I wanted make it into a guitar worth playing. So I'd like some information on how I should go about doing some of these things:

1) getting new finish for sure
2) installing new hardware

I was thinking about just buying a new neck for the guitar, but I'm not so sure.

I've looked through the forums and tried to find the info, but it's a bit overwhelming and couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for. So thanks if you can help me out.

EDIT: Now that i think about it, is it really even worth doing? I'd think so, but your opinions are more than welcome
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my friend modded his and now is sounds really nice got epi les paul pups in it though
ok so the finish thing could be a bit of a bugger. that's if you don't mind forking out a fair whack of doe for a thourough and good job. the hardware part is reasonably easy. things like new tuners and pickups etc can be bought fairly reasonably and they're not to difficult to install (usually a case of put the new where the old was). pickup conversions are pretty easy too. all you have to be is confident with a soldering iron, apart from that you'll only need to be aware of where the wires in the original pickup config went so you know where the new ones go (making a diagram is a good idea). you'll have to accomodate for different things though. for example, putting a humbucker on a standard strat would require a different shaped pickup hole in the scrath plate, meaning that you would have to get a new scratch plate with the right holes in it. also, for active pickups you need to consider where the battery holder will go. not having enough space will mean that you'll have to hollow out the insides of your guitar to make space. finally, if you want to go from a hardtail or tremolo bridge to a floyd rose style bridge, you'll again need to gauge out a big peice of your guitar's body to accomodate it. it all depends on what you want to do.

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