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7 70%
3 30%
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Now, having grown up with the whole finger style playing of guitar i've always been very fond of nylon stringed classical guitars. They're great: really easy to play and get a good sound out of. Before i would have never considered getting i steel stringed acoustic, let alone one with cutaways and electronics to kill off the bracing.

However, after a year of having to make do with my electric i'm starting to be swayed. I'm not sure what it is, only that it seems 'cooler' lol. I look at some of the great finger style players of the moment Andy Mckee, Antoine Dufour and Don Ross and think why the hell am i wasting my time with plastic strings on baby sized guitars. The best players these days all seem to be using steel stringed electo-acoustics.

So, is there any real advanatge? Anyone who plays finger style have any preferace? I'm on the verge of getting a new acoustic and i'm not sure whether to stick to my roots or move on.
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Well, I would say that you're imposing taste over technical ability when measuring a guitarist in the latter.

IMO there is a bit of both. Prominent musicians on excellent instruments. You can't compare the abilities or skills for the techniques are different. IMO complementary as well. Learning classical will help your acoustic playing and playing some good ole folk will open you to a new range of sounds and improve your musicianship.

Right now, for you, I'd say go with what you listen to and what you want to play. That will be the right choice.