Can anyone recommend a book that will offer a comprehensive guide to using a capo? I've found two on Amazon.com (both by Mel Bay it seems) but am not sure which one to buy.

Also, I'll be taking my Martin LX1 across the country. Ultimately, I'll be taking it through Canada and into Alaska. I live in Wisconsin and often visit Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It's not uncommon for me to sleep in my car, even in sub-zero temperatures. What sorts of precautions do I need to take regarding my Martin? I have a soft case but I don't know how well it insulates. I'm not above sleeping with my guitar...though my girlfriend may have something to say about it.
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Well,I can't recomend a book,but using a capo is relativley simple.

You just stick it on a fret in order to change the key a song is Played in.

For example,if you played House of The Rising Sun (In the key of A minor) with a capo on the 5th fret, the song would be transposed into the key of D minor

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