At the moment im going to get an OD pedal for my birthday, still cant decide between the fulltone OCD and the mxr zw-44. Im looking to tighten up the lows end on my marshall tube amp (dsl401), so although a nice blues overdriven tone would be nice, its not essential.

Anyway its a toss up between a cheap delays, or a cheap lefty guitar. Im looking for you to offer suggestions on cheap delays, at the moment it looks like the dd-3 is best for the money. ANd on the front of guitars, i would be looking at fender CD series, although i would really want an electro accoustic.

Firstly what delays are in the price range, and would i be better buying a cheap accoustic, or a delay

Thanks guys, my birthday is fast approaching so please dont let this thread die
lol i have no idea mate i'm happy with my boss ds1
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The fulltone rocks. it has alot of versatility to it. what guitar are you playing now?
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First, you're in the wrong forum, this should be in Guitar Gear & Accessories.

Second, the reason why I personally didn't respond the first time I read this post, was because I didn't think people would use either of those pedals only to tighten up the low end. Both of them are quite overpowering pedals in my opinion (by which I mean that I feel both will change the tone a lot).
Idk about the OCD but the ZW-44 does a great job in front of a Marshall well JCM800 anyway. It really doesn't hide mistakes well so you kinda got to be spot on.
well im playing my iommi SG (has pretty hot pups) into my marshall dsl401. And i want to tighten up my lead sound, for a mesa/marshal stack kinda wall of sound which is very tight. Could the OCD do this? Because i heard it was better for creating a new sound upto gain level of led zep, rather than tightening up an already gainy sound. This is where i heard the zw-44 to be good because, that is what the pedal was designed for and should work well with marshalls.

Anyway still need some help on the delay/accoustic decission, but keep the OD feedback coming. And sorry for posting in the wrong forum
cmon guys the killer Q for tightening up marshall tube distortion, zw-44 or ocd
As far as the OD goes, try a Digitech Screamin' Blues. On some amps and guitars, digitech's effects don't sound 'right', but on most gear they sound as good as any other top-range pedal (digitech and BOSS being the main competitors). The specific advantage of the Screamin Blues is that, 1) it can do both overdrive and distortion, 2) despite the 'Blues' in the name, it can actually handle anything from blues to pop to thrash metal, and 3) unlike many other pedals, it has separate cuts/boosts for low and high bands, i.e. you can choose how much your low and high end is cut or boosted, separately. They also usually cost less than most good BOSS pedals.

As far as delay goes, the DD-3 is a decent pedal. I prefer the DD-6 - it's basically an improvement in every way - but then, the DD-6 can cost quite a bit more than the DD-3 depending on where you are.

And trying to decide out of a pedal or a guitar is a bit of a weird choice. If you need the guitar, you get the guitar. If you need the pedal, you get the pedal. it's not like one could replace the other. That said, I tend to prefer to get a good range of pedals/cables/pre-amps/cabs/etc together first, and then build up the guitar collection. I find I can do more with one or two guitars + a bunch of different amps and pedals, than I could with a ton of different guitars but only the one amp or something.
well its definately between zw-44 and OCD, and possible MI audio tube zone. And i got the fulltone clyde, and im extremely pleased with the pedal, is the OCD as good as this, but for overdrive, and the KEY QUESTION is will it work in CONJUNCTION with my amps distortion
The zw-44 is great for boosting an already driven tube amp. So I'd suggest that you try it out first
hhm hard to try either out, but thats what i gathered, if anyone know/has any sound samples of OCD boosting an amp i would love it
How about you stop bumping you topic since you have already gotten a lot of replies? There are a lot of sound samples available for both the OCD and the ZW-44 if you'd just search for them yourself.

The OCD is something I'd use for getting a new sound, the ZW-44 for boosting an already distorted sound even further. As I wrote earlier, neither is anything close to what I'd use to "tighten up the low end".
Check out the tube screamer.

Borrowed one from a friend and I love it--it's great.
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i heard tube screamers are great for that overdriven blues tone, and the ocd for creating a new sound like you said. Thats why i was favouring the zw-44, anyway what would you use for tightening up the sound?
Tube Screamers should be good. I don't know, I never tried one.

Marshall Guvnor is the **** (don't own one, but seen and heard it in action), and the one that I own Fatal Tube from AMT is also pretty damn good.
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guys and the delays? whats difference between dd-3 and dd-6

Google knows. Boss also have the manuals available online.

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OCD's are a very transparent overdrive, so I think that's what you're looking for.

Also, maybe you just need a clean boost, like a Boosta Grande.