hi guys,
i've had my old Marshall MG15 for as long as i can stand now. I need a valve amp.
i've willing to spend £300-400 on one. The heaviest i really play is just bordering on metal, and i also play blues and jazz quite a bit, and most things in between
So basically im after a versatile valve amp that for under £400 that i can use at bedroom volume.
Any ideas appreciated
Laney VC-15? possibly with an OD for your 'boarderline metal'

Will set you up pretty well.
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i would go for a blues jr and then get distortion pedals for heavier stuff........the tones are unreal
I was in the same boat as you were until just a week ago. Then I decided to finally take the plunge and bought a Vox AC15. The tone's pretty sweet and breaks up really nicely, especially if you're using the top boost dial. I mostly play blues and rock myself, but sometimes I also play a little old school metal and my EHX Metal Muff can provide the necessary distortion. So it seems like it takes pedals well too. Good luck
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