Can the acoustics of a room make a speaker sound blown?
I was playing my guitar (that's tuned in c# standard with a dropped B) last night, flipped over to clean and it sounded like the speaker was farting.
Thought the speaker was blown, so took it out to have a squizz at it, nothing looked wrong with it. Chucked it back in, this morning it doesn't sound half as bad, less so when I move it off the hardwood floor onto a rug, or back into my room (which is smaller). The farting noises also seemed alot less apparent on a guitar tuned to c# standard.
So i'm wondering, is my speaker blown, could it have come loose and made the rattling sound, or can the acoustics (and stability of the floor?!) make that much difference to how my amp sounds?
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if you have too much bass going thru the amp, its probly just rattling the whole thing on the surface.
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I think you should post this in the Guitar Gear and Accessories section

But is it a rattling noise or an actual sound coming out of the speaker? What kind of amp is it? Like acerst said, try turning the bass down first, or mess with the mids/high etc to see if there are any changes.
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