I'm expecting some new strings in the mail within the next few days. They're D'Addarios ; .011 - .049. I'm not sure what I have on it now, but they are the strings that came with my Epiphone SG G400 from Musician's Friend. They're definitely thinner than what I've ordered. So do I need to adjust my bridge or anything to avoid damage to my guitar? Is it a hard process?

I assume UG will tell me how to do a new set-up. I'd rather avoid doing a set-up unless I have to.
You might want to adjust the action and intonation a bit. You'll probably need to adjust the truss rod if it's a big change in tension too.
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If your action is already quite low, you might need an action change to avoid buzz. Aside from that, just put them on and wait a little while and see if your neck relief changes at all - if it does, then you'll need a truss rod adjustment; otherwise, you're set.
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the epiphone g-400 comes with 0.10 gauge. so you probably don't need to get a set-up
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So if anything, I'll just have to adjust the truss-rod? What kind of tools do I need for that? This is the firs time I'm trying it on my own. I'm at college so I'm not sure I'll have what I need. I don't want to break anything...