So how exactly would I play this? Would I Strum only once where it says too, or would I strum for every word?

Shed a tear cause I'm missing you
I'm still allright to smile
Girl I think about you every day now

From Guns N Roses
you listen to the song and figure out the strumming rhythm and you keep strumming that chord until you get to the next one. The words are just a guide for where you are in the song.
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chord tabs like this just show where each chord starts. in other words it shows the approximate location of each chord change relative to the lyrics.

Tabs like these are notoriously inaccurate as far as timing goes, so you'll have to listen to the song to hear exactly where each chord change is and how the strumming, picking pattern is.
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Basicly listen to the song and figure out the strumming pattern involved
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Those types of chord charts are best when used to get an idea of how a song goes. They are going to be the most useful if you are learning campfire/sing along songs. If you are going for accuracy, generally tabs work better.
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