Up first is a new addition just yesterday I got in a partial trade. It's a YAMAHA (Soldano designed) USA 100W all TUBE combo amp.
7 - AX7 Sovtek preamp tubes
4 - Sovtek 6L6 power tubes
100W 2 channel, effects loop, Ohm switchable, 12" celestion G12H speaker, separate controls for each channel. push/pull preamp control.

Schematically identical to the SLO 100, read the HC reviews linked below.

There are a few minor nicks/injuries to the tolex. I took 2 hours just cleaning it up. The reverb for the gain channel pot is touchy. It pushes my 72 bassman 50 cab beautifully. It is mentioned in a review that Soldano will provide service for this if needed.



Since no one have bought it since 2004 under $450 I'll start at $400 OBO.

GOLD TONE OB-250 Banjo:
I know nothing of the banjo.... I know this one is used but in good shape, a few marks on the head from play, no visible dings or dents, a little tarnish on the chrome. Case included, extra gotoh bridge, strap, and finger picks.
They are around $1100 new, $700 used, but I have been sitting on this considering to learn it so $500 Firm.
Beautiful flames maple body. Gorgeous! Too bad I cant play it.


Squier 51' VMS Heavily modded:

Originailly a SB 51' I decided to make a soft relic (all aging done with an airbrush so there was no actualy age or damage) It is in sonic blue w/ thin nitro covering to cover the original SB just like actual vintage. Matched headstock, RW board tele neck. Original build thread here at the 51' modders place:

No big issues. One scratch on the upper horn, but it fits the theme and it is only to through the nitro to the black below. Right noow the action is a little high and I want to use some slighly oversized neck screws, I can do it before shipping or let you, no big deal....$300 Oh, one change. The neck is no longer a VN, it is a MIM 50s RI alnico neck pup, staggered pole with a VN cover and of course the Gibson creme pup ring.

OLP MM4 Silhouette. A few dings and scratches, but nothing major. The only thing I would mention as a pita, is the kid who owned it had glued some little buttons on the PG, so there are a two little glue crosses on the PG between the neck and middle pups. No back cover. $165


I am primarily looking for guitars (hollow/semi-hollow or anything not metal), high end parts, or other. I am pretty open to trade offers, but I am not into effects much at all.

Terms: I am open to all trade offers. If purchasing I ONLY accept PayPal OR a USPS money order. PayPal must be from a Verified account with a Confirmed address. I like to meet halfway on shipping. If I pay shipping it shipped by whatever means I choose. I am pretty liberal with a return policy, but specific. You have two days from receipt to ship it back at your expense with a conf/tracking number. I'll refund asap when received. If it's a trade whoever is unhappy will pay shipping both ways on the return. I describe everything to detail, and will map every ding if desired. I love this place but try to cover everything in caution. I pride myself on my reputation as a trader here and elsewhere.

thanks for your time and offers....

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No Sir, but thanks. Just not an effects kinds guy. I run a BD-2, mini q-tron, and TU-3. Occasionally a Voodoo Sparkle, but's that's all I need. I appreciate it though.

Don't drink water, fish #@$! in it.
Updated EQ and TELE gone! Open to trades guys!
Don't drink water, fish #@$! in it.
Grestch is trade pending but I'll let you know if it falls through.

Attenuator SOLD again
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maybe a bit of an odd question but with that Indiana could you just sell me the body and neck ie. no hardwear. or just the guitar without the pickups?
Sorry nothing to trade.
Call me Duncan.

Nearly always have D'addario EXL110 strings instock - just ask!

Custom made guitar slides available - choose the glass, length etc.. Engraving availible. PM or email for more info.


Welsh UG'er!!

$365 - amp shipped

$265 - '51 shipped

$125 - MM4 shipped

Banjo deal pending
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naw man, I can't do that. But what tubes are you looking for? I have a few others laying around.
Don't drink water, fish #@$! in it.