get a really good metal sound.
ive got a FAB meatl and a boss sd-2 dual overdrive .
suggested settings or shuld i just get a new distortion?

settings prefferably
What amp do you have..?
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metal muff.

works with and for anything.
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im looking for a realy dry distortion,heavy metalish.
like pantera or a nice slayer/death metalish kinda sound.
There is your problem. Why do kids expect to get such amazing tone with these crappy little amplifiers? You are probably gonna want to upgrade your amplifier first. That is how to get good tone. Try finding a used 5150 or a used Marshall Jcm900.
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Can you try out the metal muff at a store nearby? Cause it can get a nice dry distortion, and if you are willing to build a pedal this looks nice too http://www.buildyourownclone.com/shredder.html

i checked it out and im going to guitar center tommorrow.but for now,any pefferred settings for a fab metal.
i have these distortins;
fab metal
sd-2 overdrive
nano muff overdrive

so,a good sound till i get money