It's as simple as that: I want a Wah at the end of the month, and it's either going to be an Ibanez WH-10 or a Fulltone Clyde Deluxe. They're roughly the same price, and I was considering the Clyde the strongest, but then I remembered Frusciante is a fan of the WH-10, and I'm a fan of the Froosh.

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I know it's obvious. If I like Frusciante, get the same pedal. But I actually have a greater fondness of Jimi's usage of a wah. John is amazing, but I love Jimi's wah sound a lot more.

I'm going to go try out the Fulltone soon at a local shop, but I'd half to get the WH-10 online, and would have no way to try it out.

Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations? Your advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you so much.
Good luck finding the wh-10, although i think theres one on ebay right now.

Karol and Mrjayremmie have one, look for there profiles, karol has some sound clips up.
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i would try the one out first and see if you can get the sound you want.
some websites give you sound clips of what they could sound like
but they dont always.

i would go with the ibanez
If u can find that WH-10, definately get one. Otherwise, id try the Fulltone out, and maybe look at the Mega Wah from Gig-FX. Some ppl on here have em, and ive seen nothing but great reviews.
I've got the Fulltone, perfect wah.
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Have you considered the Gig-fx Mega Wah? It's supposed to be able to replicate the Frusciante and Hendrix wah sounds among other things.
I would definatly try out the clyde first but if you can find a wh10 for a reasonable price then go for it, i'll hopefully have some soundclips of mine up tommorow as well

On my profile there are some soundclips... if You're interested of course. I recommend You a WH-10 as a proud owner of it man... if You have a chance to get it... GET IT!! It's amazing... for Froooosh obviously it's great, for Jimi it's too modern but still has a big sweep and You can achieve Jimi's sound with TubeScreamer (or any kind of overdrive). What else... just check some clips... maybe They're not so good because I'm not a good guitar player but I hope it'll help

sorry to go off topic, but if the wh10 is as good as everyone says it is, why did ibanez stop making them?

Because nobody was buying it? Who knows Stupid Ibanez
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Id second the mega wah. I have it and it sounds fantastic. Id write more, but just check the ultimate wah thread - i wrote a review there.
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i would think that the clyde would be the better choice
as a fellow froosh lover
i love his wah tone but it is expensive and fragile being made of plastic
i think the clyde would be a little more versitile as well
Thanks for all the advice. I was considering the WH-10 because of the Frusciante Factor, but after hearing all the great advice, I think I'm going to try out the Clyde Deluxe and the Mega Wah.

It seems to me that Clyde Deluxe just has a great sound rather than features, while the Mega Wah has lots of nice features that sound great as well. I guess I'll go with whichever sound I like better, but from what I've seen, the Clyde Deluxe still has my interest.

Thanks a lot for the advice and suggestions UG also seems to bring so fast and so plentiful.