I'm thinking about buying this. Right now I've got a Vox AD50VT and I'm not too happy with it. I don't like how it sounds when I put it through my pedals.

Has anyone used the Frontman 212R and liked it? It's in my price range so I'm thinking about getting it. Also, how is it different from this:


Why not get a tube combo at that price?

EDIT: I haven't used the Frontman, but I used to use the FM212R as my main amp a few years ago. It served its purpose and took pedals wells. I think they're pretty similar.
Valvetronix to a Frontman?

That's a downgrade.
Find a nice used tube combo on eBay.
If you're really lucky, you might be able to find a Peavey Classic 30 for that price. Save up and go with the Classic 30, you won't be disappointed.
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The Vox you currently have is a far superior amp to the Frontman - if you want to use pedals just use the clean channel.
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I was thinking about getting that amp a while ago. I got the Peavey Classic 30 instead after a reccomendation from here, and it was probably the best investment I've ever made. I'm exagerating, of course, but you know what I mean.