Hi, im considering buying a 12-string acoustic and was just wandering if they are any good as in play well or are they pretty much pointless?
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they're very cool to play, and the sound is significantly different, but they're also harder to play. most of all, don't get a cheap one! the whole body will buckle under 12 strings of pressure. go ahead and try one; if you're a fan of any acoustic stuff, you'll probably like the sound
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but yeah its fine
im a fan of 12 strings. they sound really good as strummers. you need quite a bit more strength to play one for long periods of time though.
12 strings are very unique in sound. You'll probably like it when you try them, but when i had mine i hardly played it so I sold it.

The tuning is the same as a guitar with the EADG 2nd strings being an octave higher than the 1st (where the 1st strings represents the string guages you would find on a standard acoustic) and the B and E strings are the same pitch.
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