Hey everyone. This is what me and my band are sending in to our school battle of the bands to get in. When we do it, we're not going to have a set list, we're just going to jam and improvise the whole 45 minutes (not that long) that we're on stage.

This is a part of one of our jams cut out, the original was 14 minutes long. Tell us what you think!

P.S. I'm the bassist.

Well, at first from the post I thought it was going to be a train wreck jam. I really like it, actually. Starts off a little cold, but really picks up with the guitarist. He has a sweet style. I wouldn't recommend improvising the whole 45 minutes, though. :P
Haha what made you think it was going to a train wreck?

Thanks though, we're probably going to go with the improv, even though, since the majority of people will be the typical high school kids who like rap, Cake and RHCP, they will probably hate us. It's cool though, we're just gonna get ****ed up and play