Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum; been lurking for a while but other than that I just have some questions...... I'm currently 16; and I've been doing some research on good guitar amp deals.. I play in a kind of 80s rock band thing.. but we also play some metal with HEAVY distortion; like dimebag heavy sometimes.... and when I'm not there; I play death metal at home.... so I've whittled it down to maybe two amps: the peavey xxx or the ampeg vh 140c. Of course I'm open to more incoming suggestions; but I was just wondering what your guys' thoughts were; and which one I should go with in the end... I'd also like to have you guys keep in mind that on ebay I've seen these amps [just the head alone] be had for almost under 500 dollars; so I'd like to keep that price range in mind.... thanks!
The Peavey XXX is a really nice amp, especially for what you're doing. Go for it.


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That Ampeg is pretty good for br00talz but I don't know how it would handle 80s rock.
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