Living life in a crossfire,
Of streets filled with rain,
Puddles become projectiles,
Another dress ruined again,
Careful where you step,
Not every dog has its chain,
Careful where you step,
Fall down the sewer again,

New York ocean waves,
Breaking upon the shore,
It’s the stillness that deafens,
The cities roar,
New York ocean waves,
Crashing on the shore,
It’s the stillness that deafens,
And I hear your voice once more,

The sun has run from this,
Monochrome world where,
Everything stands so still,
But moves so quickly like a tide,
You got caught up,
So quickly in the tide,
You got caught up so quickly,
And lied,

Mainly inspired by Interpol, one of their slower tracks, like The Lighthouse. I seem to be obsessed with making mental images of black and white cityscapes and the ocean. The title arose from surfing for some new music and I caught two tracks and misread them as one. One was "Oceans" and the other was "New York". So I thought New York Ocean Waves sounded cool.