That's right, everyone, I've got yet another song out. This one's a cover of an awesome ringer that came on my cell phone called "Fragment." The first guitar riff is taken from the ringer, but everything else you hear is totally me. Listen and comment!


If you want any crits from me, give me a link (and I swear I'll get to it sooner this time).
That's pretty sick dude (in a good sense). The first riff is really very good - was it this heavy on the phone version? If not you have done an excellent job of re-doing it, especially with leads. I'm not totally sure about the bit at around 1 minute. But after it starts to get good again, I really enjoyed the drumming - what are you using? Also loved the riffing. By the way, I love your tone

Overall, a few parts that didn't fit IMO, but a very good piece.

I took a look at some of your other songs as well - they're all awesome.

C4C - There's a link in my sig. Thanks
i love everyone is wrong, really liquidy and very nicley done. i would love to have your clarity on the recordings.
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pretty sweet. awesome tone, sounds very professional. the part around a minute was a lil weird, but the rest was awesome. all i thought it lacked was a kickass solo. and it sounded alright without vocals, but if u did put vocals in it, it would sound even better, keep it up
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wow, great production, clean as hell. I like the flow of the song it has like a lamb of god meets egyptian kind of feel to it. Sounds hard to play( the leads and such and crazy phrasing), kudos!
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
I thought it sounded really good. Like TeXaS _db said it sounds professionally done. The guitars have amazing tone. I thought that part at around 1:00 sounded really cool too.

I also really liked synaptic misfire.

Great job dude.

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Mannnn this is pretty ****ing sick.
I'm struggling to find anything wrong it musically.

In terms of production, the only thing that needs a major boost is the drums. What program do you use to program drums?
Great production as has been mentioned. Really nice harmonies on those guitar parts, so hard to get that sounding good instead of really cheesy! 30 secs, that riffs really nice. Are you using midi drums on this? maybe try and get hold of some better samples to make it sound better?

Haha, I like what this has changed into! Pretty off the wall and i wasn't expecting that bridge at all but somehow it works!

Good to hear it kick back into the riff, really unconventional phrasing throughout this, and you are using some pretty weird scales arent you?!

Great job!

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Thanks for the crits guys.

@ dream pin: I don't know why but I still have trouble getting the drums to fit in exactly as they should. I guess that'll come eventually.

@ nagirrab: I use Reason 3.0 to program my drums. These drum parts are pretty straightforward for the most part, so that's why they might sound a little cheesy.

Thanks to everyone else who commented as well. The gypsy part at 1:00 is probably my favorite part of the song, even if it does weird some of you out.
Badass song. I loved it, especially the "gypsy" part. The main riff is really heavy and the recording quality is so much better than most things you hear on this site. I'll give it a 10/10. It sounds really original and fresh and I like it. Inspiration can come from the most unlikely places I guess lol.

About my song, I don't know anything really about recording, so what do you mean by clipping? Can you comment my profile or something? Any help would be appreciated.
that has to be the heaviest cellphone ring ever!
i really like it, all of the parts. the gypsy part was cool in its own right, didnt quite fit with the rest. i think that has more to do with the backing part on it than the actual riff.
your recording quality is damn impressive as well.
really good drums, are they froma loop or did you do it yourself?

c4c some riffs im working on
this is quite good i want it for my ringtone lol.

Yeah I cant get over the cleaness of the song, you did a super job of it
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