well it might have a title, i just dont know it yet. i was just this week recording some overdubs to it, and i finished mixing it in audacity. you can check the song out on our band profile. try to listen to the mixing and mastering as well, its my first real mixdown and im curious to see what others think of it.
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I really liked it man. Melody was awesome. Good quality too. But no vocals? If its just going to be an instrumental I think you'd have to expand on it a lot more.
yeah, i should say vox are coming on all the tracks we have done so far. jsut we didnt have a whole lot of time to record every track on all the songs we recorded that particular day.
I thought it sounded really good. The production was good also. Like someone before me said though, I think it needs something more, like vocals or some other instrument, and mabyed a solo in there somwhere.

Other than that I really liked it, the melody was cool.

Thanks for the crit on mine by the way.
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It's sounding really good man, cool wee melody. Production quality was pretty decent as well.

Only crit as the two guys above me said, it could do with some vocals which you've said are coming along eventually so I'll be looking forward too it.
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Vox could easily be put in there. Its really good though man.

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This has great potential, very catchy. The intro i think should be more a little louder, it was hard to hear near the end (of the intro) Can't stop playing it! well done. (can't wait to hear what you come up with for vocals) Awesome band name btw.

crit mine? pales in comparison to yours ahah, here it is

Honestly. Wtf?

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Yeah, could do with some vocals. Has great potential to ge a great song. As monkeyman said, the intro needs to be a bit louder. Basically it.
Crit me here please!

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ok it sounds like your bass drum is either clipping or you have it EQed too high around the 180ish range? it sounds very wooly and loose. snare has a good crack to it but to me sounds a little dry, maybe a small amount of gated reverb on it? these are all just artistic differences but i thought i would try and crit the production as opposed to the song since that is what i am better at (song is good btw ) where is the kick panned to btw? it sounds like it is off to the right in which case it should be more centralised. and one final note the guitar could use a little more EQ in its fundamental range just to round out its cutting higher end frequencies

i feel like i have been quite harsh here feel free to slag my work off on my profile if you want
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