If i am facing towards my amp the amp emits a constant buzz. But as i turn around in a circle, the buzzing goes away when the head stock is pointing at the amp and when the opposite end of the guitar is pointing toward the amp.

The buzzing also seems to be affected by my light dimmer switch, it's not completely the culprit, it just increases the noise when the guitar is nearer to the switch.

Is there any chance this is a 60hz ground loop hum? Something that could be fixed by a product like the ebtech hum-x ? or a similar cheaper product?

Or is this likely a problem with shielding or grounding in the guitar.

fyi... i am absolutely and utterly positive the problem is not in my guitar cables or any pedals, or other electronics in my room. I have thoroughly tested my gear to narrow down the problem... I am also fairly sure from what i recall that this hum does not happen at my friends house, which leads me to assume it may be this ground loop hum issue.

thanks a ton !
it's normal to get som hum facing your amp with the guitar it's the pickups who produce this, it's like when youre facing a computer screen(from what I read this is your problem but I'm not sure)
i have stock prs humbuckers...

I just talked to a guy that works at sweet water and he has the same problem and apparently it is the pickups picking up EMIs in the air, and the best way to alleviate alot of the problem is to shield the innards of the guitar with thick copper... he gave me a link to an outside seller and everything but damn im scared id mess up my guitar :P