I don't write songs much, but here's a set of lyrics I've been working on. They're rough. It's a song for someone who just turned into an enemy I suppose. Or something. Just do what you will with them. They're nothing impressive.

I'll let you scratch my beard for a hug.
You got yourself a computer savy boy who's into psychedlic drugs.
Such a fucking mamma's boy.
Good luck with your piece of shit.
When God comes to clean the apartment after the St. Valentine's day party
I'll be the only piece of non-recyclable trash left behind.
Time to treat this guitar like melting solder,
The couch like someone's shoulder,
Uptown and downtown like a valley to push boulder upon boulder
Up and down.
Left and right.
Plus and minus.
I had to get out of this house because it reeked of old folk home
and every all night diner closed for lover's
talking shit about other lover's lovers.
You smell like my bedspread covers.
I need to die if I'm ever going to sort out anything.
When the cops came I was so excited to see them, and usually it
means the cancelation of my plans, but in our finest moment together
I screamed and screamed and screamed,
"I hope when you look in his burnt-out face you see what you gave up
for a little bit of edginess."
I'm such a mamma's boy.
Poor advice.