Just a thought, i just sometimes take walks or write stuff before i held to sleep. I find it a bit hard to write in the day mind.

I write a lot of things random or songwise whatnot during the late night/early morning. 1-5 am.
Yeah, I'm the same. I find I'm at my most productive just before bed. That's why I keep a note book next to my bed!! I also find I can write better stuff in a dark room (or outside at night!!). I know that sounds odd, but it just works for me.
when its dark and quiet you arent distracted and you can think more clearly.
I write a lot when I'm out walking, just singing to myself.
I write before I go to sleep. I keep a notebook and a guitar by my bedside.
I write immediately after anything emotional happens.
And because I'm a gangster (sarcasm), I freestyle rap in the shower (seriously).
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Quote by OThugSd
And because I'm a gangster (sarcasm), I freestyle rap in the shower (seriously).

im left to only imagine what that looks like...

anyway- i write whenever something happens, whether its good, bad, agrivating, or sad i just write and its helps get all my feelings out, and almost always something awesome comes out of it. its also fun to write outside at night (in the summer, kuz i would never go outside at night in the winter haha)
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...that would be so badass.


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I write usually after school or a big event like a party and just pour out my feelings. Also, when I'm alone, I'll just sit in my room and think and write what comes to mind. it helps to use unusual adjectives and mysterious verses with suspenseful stanzas and a sudden, surprise ending.
My prime writing state of mind is during those nights when I just can't sleep. Usually because of something bothering me. Then around 4-5am, stuff just hits me. More often than not, it's junk. But there are those times that gold pours from my fingertips. Those are the best times of my life, those hours before the exhaustion sets in and I pass out wherever I may be at the time.
i write to vent. if im happy, sad, angry, etc. i write. like, lately about my stupid ex, and sometimes about made-up things.
I like to find a chunk of time where I can write without interrruptions. However, life doesn't always work like you want it to when you answer to Mom, so I usually just grab whatever bits and pieces of time I can. Sometimes the muse descends, and it's like I'm channelling a song, and anyone who bothers me is apt to get snarled at.
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