http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FE1NMN3IkS0 - In Flames - Disconnected

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoGBuFvVEuE - In Flames - The Mirror's Truth

New song, t'was on swedish radio tonight; thought y'all might be interested! Love it.

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I read the in flames article in kerrang the other day (i dont buy the **** magazine usually, promise) and there was some awsome info. i'll type it up for you guys.

In flames frontman reveals power of positive thinking in guide to new album.

In flames are set to release their new album 'a sense of purpose' on april 7. Frontman, anders friden reveals to kerrang that he adapted a positive mental attitude when penning many of the lyrics to their follow-up to 2006's critically-acclaimed album Come Clarity.

"People need to break out of their negative cycle and try to embrace a more positive way of life", he explains. "The best exmaple of this is on the song The Chosen Pessimist. It's eight minutes long and gradually builds into this huge epic song. There's songs about murder, alcoholism and people's fears!".

The band's ninth studio album was completed in the early autumn in the bands own IF studios in Gothenburg, Sweden, with mixing duties continuing right up until christmas eve. Friden beleives that capturing their ninth album in a homely environment had a massive effect on the final recording.

"i think the album has a very warm feeling", explains friden. "We bought the studio around two years ago and we wanted to do everything here as a band. When we were recording come clarity the band was almost split in half and doing things in different locations. They didnt hear a single vocal line until the final mixing was done. This album was one we wanted to do as a unit. I think people will be able to tell when they hear it that this is very much a band playing together."

With the album complete and the band preparing to pick up their passports in preperation for a mammoth two-year touring stint, here is Friden's exclusive track-by-track guide to a Sense of Purpose.

The Mirror's Truth
Sample lyric: #At the height of reason/We should live by your laws/Call the swarm/Feed them another false hope...'
"It's partly based on my opinions regarding the environmental situation we're facing, but that kind of morphed into an interpretation of how people seem to be scared of confrontation these days. People would rather play it safe and not speak their mind about certain things because theyre afraid of someone challenging them, so this song is about that and how strange i find it."

Sample lyric: 'You'll receive what you give and this is like nothing./I feel like **** but at least i feel something...
"When im in a tour bus, people cant see me but i can see them, and i see so many sad faces. People go from A to B without trying to break out of that routine, and sometimes i see people like that and i want to know what theyre thinking. I need to feel alive and sometimes it seems like other people dont feel that way."

Sleepless Again
Sample Lyric: Hopeless times approach/just give into the chaos/Strangely i find comfort here/impatient and curious of what may come...'
"This song is about getting in touch with your dark side. Musicially it has a kind of new wave feeling to it. It has a keyboard lead that kicks in after the first chorus that i think is really representative of that, and it has kind of a bluesy feel at times, but more stadium blues i would say. It's the kind of song that makes you feel like screaming, 'everybody clap together'."

Sample Lyric: 'Life's wrapped in a riddle/Easier said than done/Hate to play the victim/Rather run and hide.'
"The intention we had when we were first demoing this song was to make it like a tank that rolls over you. Not in the sense of being noisy and powerful, but in that it goes on and on and keeps coming back around again with the same melodies. Lyrically its almost touching on a split personality. It's about having a part of you that handles all of the **** in life so that the real you can move on."

I am the highway
Sample Lyric: #Forget the promised land/there was never an invitation/today i create my own/before there was sorrow and a lack of attention...'
"This is about creating your own destiny. It's a very different song from what we've done before. The verse is almost danceable in a way, but then the chorus has a very punk feel to it. It's very unexpected and different, but it works. It pretty much shows both sides of in flames - new and old."

Delight and angers
Sample Lyric: 'Everyday takes figuring out how to live/sometimes it feels like a mistake/sometimes its a winners parade/delight and angers/i guess thats the way its supposed to be...'
"My 3-year old daughter seems to really like this one! It's about the ups and downs of life. Sometimes it sucks, sometimes its great. Thats just how it is and i think that people should accept that. Imagine everything being good all the time. You would eventually start killing people just to have something that makes your life different."

Move Through Me
Sample Lyric: 'Invert this tragedy to come and reclaim your future/this is a call to arms/one quest at a time...'
"I meet a lot of people where everything seems to go badly for them. They have a lot of really ****ed up things that seem to happen in their life, so its about reaching out and trying to help someone move away from that. It's really heavy and has a stomping almost industrial chorus."

The chosen pessimist
Sample Lyric: 'In many ways im the burden that divides us from the light/in many ways your the halo that keeps my spirit alive...'
"If you think negatively, then negative things will happen to you. You have to break out of that way of thinking. I think it's probably the most different song that we've ever done. I think it will suprise a lot of people when they hear it."

Sober and irrelevant
Sample Lyric: 'Used to be original but now i tremble in fear/i am like everyone else and that buries me...'
"Sometimes people drink to feel better about something, and then they get to a point where they depend on it so much that to feel sober means to feel irrelevant. It's something that i think alot of people can relate to, because even if you havent been tehre yoursel, your probably know someone who has."

Sample Lyric: 'It used to be my home/this cage, far from my comfort zone/alive but without control/fear is taking hold...'
"This song feels old school, but without it having an overly fast thrash vibe. I think we actually called it old school when we were originally working on it! The chorus is a very happy one, but at the same time its very hard hitting in all the different areas."

Drenched in fear
Sample Lyric: 'All the words i hear/they dont mean a thing/all drenched in fear and the hate you bring...'
"I've never been a victim of it myself, but this song is very much based on bullying and the effect that it can have on a person. Musically it could easily have been from Clayman. It may not be one of those songs that you remember instanrtly when you think of the album, but its still a good song.

March to the shore
Sample Lyric: 'At first i was scared/not used to a murder's mind/but there was something beautiful/so powerful, so definite, so divine...'
"That's a song about murder and revenge. Imagine if you could get away with murder. Would you actually be able to go through with it? Could you live with the guilt of taking away someone else's life? It's a very god-like decision and i think its interesting how people these days can take that route so easily."

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Is all I need from these sellouts.
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The Jester Race

Is all I need from these sellouts.


Sounds basically like Come Clarity II but I liked that album a lot. Should be good.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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this is awesome. its makes me think of bullet for my valentine but saosin at the same time. i like the bass. AWESOME!
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I got the mirror's truth .mp3 too. Will upload it.

dude, where from?

I adore all In Flames, **** people who call em sellouts.

EDIT: I wish this was better quality, but it sounds pretty cool. Although for the intro I was getting heavy "Take This Life" vibes and thought "uh-oh, clone song" but it gets better.
his voice sounds awesome in the mirror's truth
sounds like its gonna be a pretty awesome album
and how can in flames be considered sellouts?
It pisses me off so much when people call them sellouts. If you're such great old in flames fans, you'll shut the **** up and worship them for the awsome music they created back in the day, and not the music they choose to write now.

My 2 cents.
Meh, I really can't get into In Flames. Decent guitar work, good vocals, but there's just something about them I don't like; and their music doesn't make me want to listen. It's just rather irritating noise.

Am I missing something big here?
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Meh, I really can't get into In Flames. Decent guitar work, good vocals, but there's just something about them I don't like; and their music doesn't make me want to listen. It's just rather irritating noise.

Am I missing something big here?

Some good speakers?
Disconnected actually sounds really nice. The beginning is actually pretty melo-deathy.
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They got added to the Download Festival lineup on tuesday along with Children of Bodom , can't wait to see them!
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In Flames FTW. I wish I could see them at Gigantour, but sadly the tour comes nowhere near my city.

The new stuff sounds decent, but like it has been said in this thread already, their older stuff is much better than what they've come out with more recently.
Thanks for this dude! I'm a fan of In Flames but I haven't been keeping up on the news tuff at all. Sounds pretty good.
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this is awesome. its makes me think of bullet for my valentine but saosin at the same time.

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You know who would really appreciate this? The people in the hardcore forum.

I don't visit the hardcore forum and I thank the TS for posting these.

Thank you TS.