Just saw Van Halen's 2008 Tour in Atlanta, GA this weekend. They were pretty impressive. Eddie's still got it and you could tell Dave's getting old but could still belt it out when he needed to. Wolfgang is a beast on bass and the drum solo was killer too.

Anyone else seen them live since they came out on the road and thoughts? I heard some of the earlier shows weren't quite up to par but now that they've been on the road a few months they are definately bringing it.

They pretty much played right through all the old Dave-era classics. Closed the encore with Jump.

They were d*mn good.
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Awesome dude I'm seeing them March 17th and I can't f***ing wait!
I saw them back in October and I'm seeing them again in April for their last show. It was amazing and one of the best shows I've seen. I can't wait to see them again.
i saw em November 2, n it was beast.
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I saw them. It was pretty awesome, but nothing compared to the show I went to before that, Roger Waters. Eddie and Dave have great stage presence, but Wolfgang was lacking a little. He could have gotten better throughout the tour though. To anyone who is going to see them: you'll have fun
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My friend saw em a few weeks ago and said it was awesome.
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Saw them in Dallas on the 26th o' January. They put on an incredible show dude.
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Nov 8th-New York---AMAZING

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So I guess they're still good live. Right Here, Right Now is a kick-ace live album . . . . anyone else agree?
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