Well, you're not the only one. That may or may not help.

Sucks, doesn't it?
Depression has like a gazillion possible causes. If you really feel you can't get yourself out of it, go see a psychologist. Hell, it might be a hormone imbalance or some other thing you can't do anything about.
Try to stay healthy, do some exercise, etc. Maybe picture yourself being happy when doing other things you should be enjoying, that might help. Good luck.
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go eat a hermanpherdite.
perhaps you should consult with your parents or a doctor instead of an internet forum.
I had a similer situation

Try and keep yourself happy. You'll eventully wake up feeling great about life. Just go out with friends, spend time with family, that sort of stuff.

Alternatively - Masterbate
^^ Sorry it had to be said

Got beaten to it
Join the club, Theres nothing mentally wrong with feeling like you do, I'm guessing things will eventually get better though.
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duuuuuuuuuuuuude TO KICK THIS DEPRESSION, go down to wherever, buy the top ten thrash metal (80's) they have, and listen to it non stop start to finish depression-gone
start doin new activities, somin random (just nuthin bad like drugs or illegal stuff) and meet new people
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Everyone can relate to food or taking dumps but nobody sings about it.
My way of coping probably isn't the best, I either dose myself up with anti-depressants and sleeping pills, or get drunk.
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fapping works in mysterious ways ... sometimes it just sucks out all my energy leaving me even more zombie like

Well let me leave you a line of a song

"Thank happy thourts..."
Seriously, just try to get some exercise like four times a week. Works wonders.
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Teenage angst... all there is too it, almost everyone feels like that at some point.

Totally true.
maybe try to spend more time with this girl. If you like her, ask her out. If you like her as a friend, just spend more time doing friend stuff.

You know what makes you feel better, do it.
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Seriously, just try to get some exercise like four times a week. Works wonders.

And +1 on that. All I can think of other than that is just listen to music, read books, spend time with good friends, etc etc. And as said, spend more time with the girl.
It happens. Just give yourself time. Don't expect it to be easy but it will get better one way or another. Hang in there, man.
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yea i am feeling exactly the same like unbelievably close, i dont want suicide but man everything sux
i feel the same way sometimes, but half of the time i'm perfectly fine. O.o

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