Guitar isn't perfect, but I always do one take and well, I screwed up a few times along the way, but please critique and tips are always welcome, and any comment you have, I want to hear it!

The song is on my profile
I only have one guitar, sue me..
I like it.
Your vocals are pretty sweet, but could do with more reverb for that feeling.

over-all not bad man!
Thanks, yeah I wanted to put some more reverb but I didn't multitrack and I didn't want too much reverb on the vocals
I only have one guitar, sue me..
I really liked it! Your vocals were really good, kinda reminded me of Billy Joe from Green Day (which is so a compliment because I LOVE green day but anyways... back to you... lol) I liked the guitar, it sounded nice, the only thing is sometimes your voice strained a bit, not sure if that was the intent or just because it was a one-take. overall good job! =D