Everyone starts on either acoustic or electric. I started on acoustic guitar and really haven't gotten away from it for 2 years. Primarily because I still just love the sound of acoustic music over electric.

I was wondering, and I'm sure everyone has this, What song sparked your interest to jump from acoustic to electric or vice versa? I dabbled with learning the Back to the Future classic Johnny B Goode on electric but I still don't have the urge to really get hardcore into it.

What was your song of conversion?
mmm, I guess electric is my main, but for me acoustic has really just been something I play when I can't plug into an amp, or because I'm out on the road.
I would say zakk wylde was a big influence for me to play the acoustic more often, he's a great electric player or whatever but to me I think its on the acoustic where he really shines, his album hangover music vol IV is acoustic and electric but it has some cool stuff in it, also his older albums
check out this vid of him