Hey there, thanks for the crit on my Bayside cover. Sorry I took so long to return the favor. Anyway, I think I've heard the song before, it sounds familiar. The guitar sounds good. I didn't notice any mistakes. The vocals sounded pretty good. I would have preferred to hear them in a higher octave, but it sounds like you hit most of the notes just fine. I commend you on your skill to play and sing at the same time, that's something I struggle with. Nice work man.
hey man thanks for the crit on my sweetest girl song.
ive never heard this song before it seems like it would be a pretty catchy tune. guitar seems pretty flawless, vocals are just kinda drowned out. I think if you really got into the song it could be so much better.
Good solid playing. Timing and rhythm is very consistent. You should try singing an up and octave though. Keep going!

Crit mine?

...modes and scales are still useless.

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