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I have been looking at amps, and have settled on either a blackheart little giant mini-stack or a palomino v16.

These two amps seem to be two of the most frequently recommended by users here in this price range. I am curious which of the two you think is better in the 250-300ish range, hich one do you think is more versatile, better sounding, an overal better value? Also, which is better for hard rock/van halen sounds? If you think there is a better option available, please state it.

Let the debate begin!
I would say the Palomino. I have never tried a blackheart but they have gotten rave reviews. However, the Palomino does sound excellent (Especially if you get an American one), and has gain, reverb and a master volume. It is also 15w rather than 5.
Since the Blackheart amps are designed with built-in mod taps, the Mojo company has simultaneously released a turret board upgrade with tube rectifier for the little giant. It negates the 5w/3w switch, replacing it with a standby.

I ordered the Handsome Devil half stack, but it won't be in stock until late March.

I sure hope Mojo makes a similar mod for the Handsome Devil.

I can't wait to get some hands and ears on experience with tube amps. I'm already thinking about replacing the stock tubes. It could be a real killer.

I've never had a real properly working tube amp before. I had a '68 Fender Bassman a long time ago, but what I know now convinces me it had horrible tubes.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot what thread I was on...

Are there mods available for, or people modding, Palomino amps? Are they able to be modded?
They're both Crate products. The Palomino has a much longer track record. There have been some complaints about the newer models (scratchy pots, broken reverb, etc.), but I've already heard some rumblings about the Blackheart - like the eq not having any effect on it's tone.

The fact is that they're both budget amps. You're taking a chance with either one. I'd be more inclined to spend the same money on something like a used Fender Blues Jr. Or an American built Palomino, if you can find one.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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The EQ works on my Blackheart.

Mine too. Everyone's just watched that bull**** YouTube review and took it as gospel. The guy compared the B5H5 to a VJ and didn't really conclude too much other than he was undecided. If you live in America you have the luxury of V16's and Blackhearts but in the UK we don't. Best bet is to try them out yourself, although a Blues Junior is a great amp for a little extra.