I already posted in musician talk but I didn't like the responses so I'm trying again here.

Me and a few friends were thnking about putting together a sick all-metal medley. I'd like some input from other people, opinions, or reccomendations. Here's the almost finished set (everything will be transposed to be in the right key)

Intro of Raining blood-Slayer
Big E5 Chord after the mosh
Dark Eternal Night-Dream THeater instrumental part all the way through
drum solo
The slower part of Orion-Metallica
big pause and bass solo with some cool high-hat drum stuff
The rythm before the solo in Constant Motion-Dream Theater
Constant Motion Solo
Big dive bombs and into Megadeth-Sleepwalker
Not sure how to keep going and want fnish pretty epicly

It supposed to take up thirteen minutes so I really need some help. The band is mostly counting on me for putting the stuff together.

Thanks in advance.