Ok, so I'm wondering if I want to get a Peavey XXL head for my next amp. The reason that I want this is because I want the simplicity of maintaining a solid state head. My only question is if I can turn it up the whole way without damaging the head at all. I know if I get a cab with about 300w handling, it won't hurt the speakers, but I want the loudness of a tube amp without the hassle of buying new tubes and finding a professional to install them for me (I'm a 14 year old in a small town). Anyway, if anyone knows the answer, I'd appreciate it if you let me know.
You won't damage it by turning it up all the way, but it will sound like crap. SS clipping is not a pretty thing.

Not that you don't have a good reason to get a SS amp, but with a little bit of knowledge and some basic materials you could do all the tube installation yourself, and with a PTP amp you could fix it yourself if anything went wrong- plus it would sound better.
Well, my only problem with buying a tube amp is that I don't know how to bias tubes. Can anybody tell me how to do that?
Tube matinence is not as complicated as one would have you believe, besides, there are tons of guides online for such things. Besides, if a Tube blows out, you just replace it, if the transistor on a solid state amp blows out, you are screwed. the XXL is 700 dollars USD... if you save a little more, you can get a much better amp for the price.
If you are going Solid State, the XXL is very nice!! A friend of mine liked the tone compared to a 5150. This is one of the good solid state amps out there
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i hate solid state clipping once i got my valveking i hated the sounds that comes from my metal muff or any other distortion pedal just disgusting
Solid states are good for two things; cleans and swindling honest people out of cash. Since you don't plan to play cleans...
Buy a Mesa. They have fixed Bias, so all you need to do is remove old tube, install new tube. Then play.
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