Bit of a tricky one this!
Like that first initial groove, oho yess. Berserker meets Meshuggah, sweeet.
Then the guitars start becoming a bit too muddy and everything collides with each other and it just becomes like fshkgkld. Guitars could do with a fair bit more mids, they're not cutting through.
I think about 0:20 or so, where there's the first "kick kick SNARE SNARE" that would benefit from a really fast heavy, pummelling groove. The main groove just keeps going on, the next part, about 1:09, I like that, the progression is cool, except for the topmost note, which could do with being 1 fret lower.
The tapping after that, also cool.
It's an awesome start, just needs some more fleshing out.
And guitars with more mids
I see why you said you thought my guitar tone wasn't aggressive enough for your taste now that I've heard your music.

I like the beat and arrangement of SkullF'ed a lot. I love how it changes up and agree with the guy above you could take more advantage of that by following it with the rhythm a little bit closer.

I think your guitar sounds too thin, but thats typical of many melt-your-face-off distortion tones. I bet it would sound tougher with a fatter rhythm guitar tone. Try like he said and add some mids, maybe bring down some of the treble noise. The lead tones are good.

The vocals... well.. I don't listen to Death metal, so I'm not sure how good that sound is in this realm. I think they're too loud in the mix and very distracting. There is one point where I hear some melody in them and they start to hold my attention. More melody would be nice.

It also sounds like you're holding the mic with your hands and its picking up a lot of clicks and stuff. If you could clean up the vocal track a little and back it down in the mix, it would fit in nicely. If you're wanting the noise, then just ignore that comment.

Thanks for the crit on mine.
All my photobucket pics are dead so no links to my guitar build threads.
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Sorry it took a while to crip back, It got a little repeditive to me but it's a short song, so it's not a problem. Can't think of a whole lot to say, cept it's pretty wicked.