Please check out this instrumental. It actually means a lot to me...it was one of those moments where you sit down with the guitar, and emotion just flows out.


So, give me some honest feedback on what you guys think.

C4C of course.

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wow, this is hard to judge!
Well i guess we do't have to discuss about the recording quality. no problem there.

So it's all about the song.

There are some riffs i wouldn't use. like the one at 1:43. in my opinion it is a out of time. you neet to be sure, that there is a certain relation to the tempo that your rythm guitar has.

Also i think there could be more shifts in tempo and in volume.

but yea, that's just the way i would do it. but i can't reconstruct your feelings so i must say it is nearly impossible to give a objective opinion. ;-)