Damn nice, I was expecting something poor, you really surprised me, wish it happened more often on the forum.
Thanks for the song man, well worth the listen.

myspace.com/mazebanda please listen to these guys, they're friends of mine.
really relaxing. i particularly liked the 2nd part. recording quality was also good. works as an instrumental but would definitely sound good with some vocals over the top. tight playing as well, not sloppy at all. nice work.
nice, two guitars right? I liked it and think my heart rate slowed down 20 bpm by the end of the song, very relaxing. Im not sure there's much to crit, if you are looking for something for next time, focus on your dynamics and see how consistent you can keep your attack (more on the strumming than the individual notes). Enjoyed it sir, well done.

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dude, great sound and love the chord progression... recording quality is top notch. are you looping or did you do two tracks? it's rad... put in some vocals and let's see where this baby can go.
Criting back : I love andy mckee, despite the fact I listen to Symphonic Black metal I enjoy him a lot.. Your song reminded me a LOT of him. The atmosphere, the feeling , the vibe were awesome.. I should have listened to this earlier so I could use it at the Valentine's dinner I had..
Dude, seriously, very nice job, and very nice electroacoustic sound and of course, very nice played..

Cheers buddy, keep it up, I'm subscribing to your songs.
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
real great writing here, there are some really great ideas. tell me how you recorded this.
there are some very inspired melodies, and your use of harmony seems to be whats expected for the style of song. I would suggest adding some type of percussion and some keyboards/pad of so,e sort. I love the soft/harmonic section at about 3:38.
this could also work tremendously with lyrics. really great job overall, theres not really anything i can say to improve it.
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Man, that tone is absolutely beautiful. You hit the Andy Mckee influence nail on the head.

I like the rhythm, and the lead over it flows with it so nicely.

You've got some other cool stuff on your profile there, I'm still listening!

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All my photobucket pics are dead so no links to my guitar build threads.
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Thanks for the comments, i'll take that thing about dynamics on board, something i know i need to work on more. Parts wise, I have to admit i cheated and multi tracked and did the occasional copy and paste effectively there are just the 2 guitar parts though.

I recorded using a Line6 Toneport UX2 into Cakewalk Sonar. Funnily enough the latest song I'm working on uses percussion and I orginally thought about putting a string pad in the background of this! Thanks once again
This is awesome. I took the liberty to listen to the rest of your songs and they are all excellent, especially The River; it sounds as though it belongs to a movie sound track. Great job.
Typing while listening.

Great guitar sound. Very solidly played. That is an electric, right? Yeah I definitely hear the Andy McKee in there, not that that's a bad thing. I agree with the dude above me, this stuff would work absolutely great as a soundtrack to a television show or movie. Pretty uplifting and a fun listen. It looks like you have a pretty good grasp of song structure, and you know exactly what you want to do. Nice job.

Thanks again for your crit on mine, man.
Hey man, just critting you back after a few days while I listen--

Andy McKee for sure. It sounds great, love the harmonics soooo much! Its a perfect song seriously. 10/10 seriously.