OK... i have a spider II 1/2 stack, and i`ve been reading around here you can pull better tone outta them with the right pedals, i`m into Slayer and play mostly Slayer and thrashy type metal, if i get some pedals could i pull a better tone outta my amp??

Also i`m saving up, if making the Line 6 better is not a good way to go i`m looking at 2 amps, the JCM 2000 DSL and Mode 4, there both used and pretty much the same price the mode 4 being 200 bucks cheaper. i`ll try them out b4 i pick one but i`m wondering which one you guys think is the better choice i`m thinking the JCM because it`s all tube. but thats only because of what i hear around here. that tubes are the way to go

and no matter what amp i get, it`ll be run through a Line 6 spider II cab, till i can afford a Marshall 1960A cab.
If you get a nice tube head I wouldn't keep that cab, its not very good and a tube amp deserves better.
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I would say that aetherspear speaks nothing but the truth.
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If you get a nice tube head I wouldn't keep that cab, its not very good and a tube amp deserves better.

ya i know, it`s only temperary till i can get a good cab(s)
IF you like the tone of your spider then keep it man. One man's trash is another man's treasure...that applies in a way i guess. And I would suggest that you try out the dsl first. Look into an used mesa maybe?
Definetly the JCM. Pedals won't make the line 6 better. The mode 4 is OK. Sell some of your guitars to get a cab. You don't nessicarily need a Marshall cab, too. Avatars are great and very inexpensive.
Maybe try for a combo too; you won't have to buy a new cab.
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Don't get any of those. Try a used JCM800. That is what slayer used in their begining. (I think) That will be better than the DSL by alot.

Get the JCM800, but get the DSL if you have no access to a JCM800.

Yeah, he's got it right.

But definately look for a used 800.

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Sum_ugly_man: i do like my spider II but i know it`ll never pull off Slayer or any other major bands tone, because it`s just a entry level 1/2 stack, it`s loud LOL, loud enuff to do a show with thats for sure, with those EMG`s screaming through it, i can tell you the EMGs help ALOT with this amp, but i know to hear what they really can do i need a better amp. but when i bought this it was either a spider II or an MG 1/2 stack i think i picked the right one.

acdcrocks0323: yes Slayer does use the Marshall JCM800 heads... still do, well i know Kerry does he now uses his sig head the JCM8002203KK, not sure if hannamen uses Kerry`s haed or just a reg JCM800, but yes i WANT a JCM800 i can`t find one used in Canada yet and the music store i buy things from have 2 used JCM2000DSL`s AND a TSL a new JCM8002203KK is $1900 and the reissiue JCM8002203 is $2300 WAY beyond my price range. and i`m scared to get one off E-bay because of boarder fees