i wanted some new songs or song parts to play so im making a thread for all those guitarists that are just starting out so post some songs that a guitarist-for-six-months could play.
some examples are iron man-intro or killing in the name-first few parts
First song i Learned was blitzkrieg by yngwie malmsteen, its pretty easy check it out

Or you could try any black sabbath song
dude I cant figure out y iron man is on here I've been playing for 2 years and cant play it, but I can play Crazy train its werid oh well and there is already a thread like this
brain stew by green day is the easier song to learn

joker in the pack is pretty easy,

alot of nirvana songs

sanitarium(sp?) from metallica

sex and violence from the exploited

those are all extremely or relatively easy
try 'come as you are' by nirvana... first thing i ever learnt, easy as

other good starter songs:

riff to heartbreaker - led zeppelin
here comes your man - pixies
and a little harder:plug in baby - muse

for getting to grips with powerchords try
god save the queen - sex pistols
in my eyes - minor threat
or most punk really, lol