Basically I have a gift card i can use that is for 100 dollars and I have been looking at some new gear to get. It doesn't have to be right at 100 because i am willing to pay over that. I was thinking of getting Zakk Wylde EMG pickup set to put in my ESP Explorer to replace my stock pickups. I also was thinking of some new effect pedals possibly. I love my setup i have now, I run a Jackson RR 1 Custom through a Peavey JSX and a 4x12 cab. My only effects as of now are a wah and reverb. I was thinking maybe a boss delay pedal or possibly a compressor pedal? Basically I would like to find a pedal thats good for solo's and such. Any help is appreciated.
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Personally I'd get a delay. But then I'm one of these people that really likes some nice delay (done properly of course).
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buy an overdrive/distortion pedal
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boss dd6 delay is sweet its on my wish list. i read alot of pros in guitar world saying that its a must have in there effects loop ya or a metal distortion pedal
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mxr - 10 band eq, blue box, dyna comp, or the new analog delay

boss - blues driver, dd3 or dd6

ehx - big muff or metal muff
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I dont want a distortion pedal, my amp's distortion is sweet as hell. I just wanted a possible pedal to add to solo's.
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get a whammy pedal. they can do some pretty cool stuff other than the whammy effect. like tune down your guitar an octave or whatever. stuff like that.