Hey guys , new to the forum/site. Im trying to get a little faster/a little better at guitar. I can play basic stuff but the guitarists block im at right now is speed, soloing , etc. Any ideas on what i can do to help gain speed. any techniques? Im into playing music that sounds like Alter bridge, Mark tremonti style stuff....
Well, Mark Tremonti's speed is mostly in his right hand. He's a super fast picker, and not too heavy on the legato. Basic picking exercises to a metronome are the main advice you're going to here; boring, yes, but effective and pretty much the only way to do it.

A book with excellent technical exercises is Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar by Troy Stetina. There's a good chance that you could find it at a local store, and it's available online at Amazon.

Make sure you've got a metronome or drum machine to practice with.
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Practice! best way to practice?

Make sure you stay loose, tension is your enemy, and the least amount of movement possible to do what you're doing is the right amount.
If something's a little hard, slow it down til you can play it perfectly and practice it at that level until you're comfortable with speeding it up a little, then practice it there, etc.
and everyone else is gonna say to use a metronome, which you should do, but my rhythm has always been awesome, so I know nothing about that.

and I gotta get off, dad needs the phone, but I might be back to give more pointers.
I almost got speed mechanics yesterday! Looks like a fantastic book...Horsemen good advice. I have had a few people tell me that. Im not looking to be the fastest person in the world...like i said Tremonti is my style...thanks for the feedback guys...