Does anyone know any websites were you can buy Kramers new? i know that their now owned by Gibson, so i don't know if theres anywhere in the UK to buy them, but i was looking around and saw the reissue of the Ritchie Sambora sig, the white starry one? and well, fell in love haha
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I was in a guitar shop in Denmark Street (London) and saw the Jersey Star (same guitar without Sambora's endorsement) hanging on the wall. Not sure if it was new but it was gorgeous! Wish they did it left handed
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They stopped making the Jersey Star a while back. I imported one just before they stopped making them, as no, there are no places in the UK that normally stock and Kramers.

I can safely tell you that the Jersey Star is probably the best guitar you'll ever play. This is coming from someone who owns multiple actual Gibsons and has played Custom Shop models; the JS is better than all of them, seriously. The only thing I wish was that it came in a few more finishes (such as colours, or a true white), as the slightly creamy-coloured 'white' it's in isn't exactly to my tastes. That really is the one and only problem I have with it though.

A few places may have imported models or second hand models around.
Sound Control list a Jersey Star, though they don't always de-list guitars that they've sold out of, so they might have sold it already. At just £549, I wouldn't be surprised if it had sold straight away and in the rush they forgot they'd put it on the site at all.

You can buy Kramers from MusicYo, which is the main seller of the new Kramers. They have most models in stock and ready to ship (aside from the discontinued JS of course - though they do have a blemished one for sale). The problem is that you have to import via them, which means about an extra £60 or so on shipping, plus you have to pay a few other taxes and delivery charges too once it gets over here, which aren't mentioned when you use the online checkout; so basically you can expect to add an extra £100 or so at least to whatever you spend on there. This can mean it's just not worth it.

Failing that, used Kramers turn up on eBay all the time, it's worth looking there.
sound control EDIT: ^ dang, i didn't see you'd already mentioned it, lol. soho soundhouse might have them too.
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