Hi, I have recently been having problems with my H&K Matrix 100 combo. After about 2 months of use, the channel selection switch LED started blinking after about 5 minutes with the volume at half way. The amp sounded fine but I couldn't change the channel with the pedal. After a couple of weeks with the LED blinking issue, the sound has started to "blink" too. So basically the amp is useless now.

I took it to the shop and they said it was my fault for using the H&K Warp factor pedal with this amp.

Could someone please explain this to me? I had only been using the pedal for about 6 rehearsals. I had the volume at about half way.

Thanks in advance.
Beats me, and i really doubt using a distortion pedal through an amp will damage anything, i reckon the people at the shop ripped you off saying that.
It's the amp.
H&K matrix combos aren't reliable which is the reason they discontinued them.
See if it's still under warranty though.
This is not so important that i had to make a new thread, so i'll ask it here.
Is it only the matrix combo that has problems with reliability, or both the head and combo?

I'm planning on buying the head, but i read that there were problems with this amp. But they were solely talking about the combo.

As a second question, is the Hughes & Kettner Attax the successor of the matrix series?