What do you guys think is the greatest shred song? And I say quintessential cuz I mean greatest in which song would be most widely accepted (like in a Guitar World list and such) as being the greatest shred song? Id prob. say an Yngwie one, like Black Star and Far Beyond THe Sun.
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Speed Metal Symphony
Dweller in the Cellar
Mabel's Fatal Fable
Evil Thrill
Thunder March
Hell, the whole Dragon's Kiss album.
Technical Difficulties
King of the Monsters
Satch Boogie
Black Magic

I'm done for now... sorry I can't help myself .
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Trilogy Suite hands down
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concerto, far beyond the sun, hangar 18

and also perpetual burn and scarified
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Mediterranean Sundance.

Good call.

My vote goes to 'Concerto' by Cacophony (Becker/Friedman), followed Jason Becker's 'Altitudes' and Yngwie Malmsteen's 'Black Star'.
I really think it would have to be a song by an artist that most people have heard of.... An artist who when the name gets mentioned people think "Shred", rather then "Whos that?"..... For this reason id have to say Van Halens Eruption, Malmsteens Far Beyond The Sun, Satch's Surfing with the Alien and Vai's For the Love of God" would be my choice....
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