I'm getting new pickups for a cheap Strat and don't really know what output to choose. I want something hotter that the stock ones but I don't want it to be too overkill. I believe the stock ones range between 5.3k to 6.0k. How high should I go for a good bluesy tone, something meaty. I don't want every note to sound like a pinch harmonic but it would be nice to have more drive. I was looking at some GFS pickups, they have a set that goes from 6k to 8k and a set that goes from 8k to 10k but I'm not sure how much I need.

Also, why is the bridge pickup always higher output ? I never use it because of the twanginess, I usually use either of the front two.
i have 7.7k/7.8k/7.7k combination for my strat pickups. i think 5k~7k is pretty good, 8k is nice. i have mine really hot cuz thats how i like it. i wouldn't recommend GFS pickups, because all their stuff on the website (pics and text) don't match up.

bridge pickup is sometimes higher output because there is less vibration near the bridge than near the neck. it's to minimize the difference in output.
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I've read really good reviews about GFS pickups, here and elsewhere. I don't have a huge budget and anything is better than Indonesian Squier pickups. I know they probably aren't the greatest around but they are the best I can do now.
Some aftermarket Strat pickups have a reverse wound middle pickup for a sort of hum canceling effect, if I don't want that and want a standard single coil sound how would I wire that up ? Could I just reverse the wires on the middle pickup ?