Heyg uys im goin on vaca. soon and i need to put some good stuff on my ipod to listen too at the beach and stuff. So does anyone know any good songs that kind of have a beach/surf vibe to it,
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Dick Dale, The Ventures, Beach Boys. There's a lot of stuff like that.
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beach boys

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dick dale is THE surf guitarist

That about sums it up right there.
"I can't Surf"

-Reverend Horton Heat

"Blue Sunshine"
"Teenagers From Outer Space"

-The Meteors

"Burning Desire"
-The Matadors
Wipeout - The Surfaris

dont know if its beach/surf but it sounds like when i play on my upright bass for orchestra
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Wipeout - The Surfaris

dont know if its beach/surf but it sounds like when i play on my upright bass for orchestra

Yeah, it's pretty much THE quintessential surf song.
agent orange is pretty good, but you'll have to listen to them yourself to be the judge

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three words


Download all off

Brushfire Fairytales
On and On
In Between Dreams
Curious George soundtrack.
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Surf Wax America by Weezer!
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peter gunn
and mexico
are his best
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Surfin Bird - Sodom /thread
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Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley, Barefoot Man

If you go down southern Florida you won't even need an IPod, So many street musicians playing Margaritaville....

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Google "Steel Guitar Band"

Find list of bands that use steel guitars.

Download to your heart's content.

Also, not necessarily hawaiian/island music, but Steel Pulse has some pretty good songs that feature steel drums/reggae tones.
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Misirilou by Dick Dale
"Dimebag" Darrell Lance Abbott
Charles Michael "Evil Chuck" Schuldiner
Clifford Lee Burton

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Izzy Stradlin's solo stuff.


the Cars, ELO, elvis costello, the specials...

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Dick Dale
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Get The Beach Boys' earlier stuff. Pet Sounds isn't surf.
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The Bees (or if you're in america a band of bees)
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The stranglers - 'peaches' and 'golden brown'

Most of the Beach Boys songs are beach-like.