so i bought this guitar with a configuration that i've never seen before, and i can hardly read a wiring diagram, let alone write one, so i'm gonna try to explain this, and see if anybody gets the picture.

if you do, just use ms paint or something and help me out.

the guitar has an hsh setup, with both humbuckers set to be split.

there's 3 knobs, a master volume, master tone, and a mid/range control.

3 toggle switches.

two of them are 3 way, and the middle one is 2 way.

the 3 way ones have a regular humbucker spot, then it can be turned off in center position, or split in the next position

the 2 way just turns the middle single coil on or off.

so there's no pickup selector, but each has its own control, which is cool, but confusing.

if you need me to start trying to explain what wires are going where, i can, but it'll be like a 5 year old talking about his pokemon cards or somethin.
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so do you want someone to draw up a diagram of what you currently have? or are you looking to change to another configuration? If you just want a diagram of the setup you have, then pop open the back of the guitar and start poking around and comparing to schematics on www.seymourduncan.com. There's no better way to learn than to take stuff apart.