Ive been focusing on my bending technique recently. My question is when bending do you bend right on the tips of your fingers? For me this seems like the best way that avoids the above strings slipping over my fingers. But this also seems the most harsh on my fingers and they keep getting tore up. Advice??
I use kinda the middle of my finger.
It is good to use three fingers so you can bend easy, (1,2, and 3) I usually use the middle of them I find it comfortable and it doesn't hurt. And the string wouldn't slide out.
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I use my 3 predominant fingers to bend. No pinky. Its helps spread out the pressure the tips and so you can bend farther and longer w/o as my much pain and tension of using one finger. But its gonna hurt either way. I mean think about: your pushing a piece of wire against where it naturally wants to sit, so its gonna dig into your skin cuz it wants to stay in the potential place its at. Build callouses and the pain will go away. Your fingers will still get torn up tho.
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If you carry on doing it, your fingers will form callouses, then it'll feel alright - position wise, i use just below the tips of my fingers, not too high, not too low.
i tend to use just below the tip of the finger

and that the tearing of your fingers is becuase they're not used to it. it will go away soon when they harden
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I do the same thing I just have callouses from playing the acoustic before the electric guitar
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