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5 38%
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6 46%
Voters: 13.
does anyone here play any other instruments than guitar? i play trumpet and piano.
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guitar, bass, piano, saxophone, drums, and mallet percusion, lol

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i used to play trumpet. i will soon play violin. i like to play around with bass and xylophone. i'm gonna get a keyboard soon (cheap one from walmart) to learn so i'll be ready for college music theory because they use piano a lot for examples.

i think learning other instruments is great.
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Trumpet and percussion.

I wish I could play the violin.
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I can play any instrument it just might not sound very good.......
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guitar, three years. self-taught.
bass, three years. self-taught.
drums, one and a half years. self-taught.
piano, eleven years. classically trained.
alto sax, seven years, classically trained.
baritone sax, six years, trained in jazz.
mandolin, a few months, self-taught (and still learning -.-)
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does anyone here play any other instruments than guitar? i play trumpet and piano.

same here as well as drums and the recorder
drums, bass, searchbar, piano, searchbar, umm searchbar...

i also play a little bit of THISHASBEENDONEBEFORE
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violin and piano, and i am a monster on both, but i hate them so much ( well piano not so much). I was forced into both as a child.
sax and piano..
i can't believe you didn't put sax up there lol

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