okay so i got a synyster gates gustom , which i love. but my amp is a line 6 (75 watt with presets). now it's a nice amp, but no matter how hard i try i CAN'T get the sound i want out of it. I play a lot in drop d. For example in CRITICAL ACCLAIM or BEAST AND THE HARLOT by a7x there is a lot of rather fast palm muted open notes on the dropped d string (E, but in drop d, so D). Now if you listen to them live or off the record the palm muted notes sound great. when i play them on my amp they sound horrible, they are loud and sound bad. HOW DO I MAKE IT SOUND LIKE THEY DO IN THOSE a7x songs.

IF u could help it would be nice . ty

.....well, line 6 spiders are terrible amps, your simply not going to get a good sound out if them. 2nd of all, I think A7X's tone sucks...

Buy a new amp (tube would be good).
People underrate solid states too much. They aren't horrible. It won't sound as good as A7X but try messing with the EQ and I think the amp has a noisegate on it.
you go and buy a marshall for low wattage or a mesa boogie triple rectifier. i do believe he also uses a bogner occasionally, but otherwise its gonna be hard for you to get their sound.
pay me the same amount and ill give you better head than an amp ever could.

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