OK so I foung a red B.C. Rich Mick Thompson Signiture in a pawn shop for $100
Its the expensive one with hate on the neck in red
It is in great shape but I don't know if I should buy it

so I want some feedback and information

It would be great If anyone knew how much it costs regularly or what pickups it has

ya look it over careful as said there are plenty of expenisive problem with some pawn shop guitars like i just bought a prs santana for 40 at a pawn and it had a good 120 dollars in repair crappy wiring uneven frets ect..
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buy it, you can't go wrong for 100 bucks right? and if it's dieing just sell it to some beginner, they'll never know
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I have many real guitars if you look at my profile it shows i got a jackson dkmg ibanez V-Blade and ovation not to mention crappy washburn starter that is actualy great for $150
and i have a great amp and ok effects so im looking to sell it on ebay or youse parts for my washburn starter/project guitar

sorry stuff isn't in sig this is my first day on ug

and i know B.C. Rich doesn't blow a freind of mine has a warbeast
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hey man thats cool, i found a old mockingbird in a pawnshop for the same price.

except mine had a kahler and a bunch of other switches, and it sure is nice.
thanks i'll be going back there saturday if i don't find any major problems i'll buy it and maby youse as parts and sell body on ebay

I am realy wondering what the pickups are I think maby emgs if they are they would make a great pickup for my washburn
I bought a Gibson LP Studio from a pawn shop a couple of years ago, and it still plays like new, except i have some dust in my rythm switch :P.
Snap it up, for $100 you can't go wrong! If you don't like it, put it on ebay and triple your money.
Buy it...if it sux...record yourself beating the **** out of it in your yard so we can all watch.

I'll bring popcorn.

You just ****ing rip that thing to ****. (put it on the U TUBE)

P.S. I hope it sux ^_^
Dude...I knew someone would be like hells yah. JUST BUY IT AND BLOW THAT ****ING **** UP...or mail it to me.

Put it on you-tube or I will.

I'm so pumped right now, I don't wanna destroy my guitars though.
ya i know a maggot to (slipknotfan) he would be pissed at me im also thinking of selling to friend who wants a starter guitar for like 200 make a good 100 and help a friend out while doing it
buy it sell it on ebay for more and get a better axe or just keep it if your into the whole metal thing
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i wouldnt get it. BC rich guitars pretty much blow. Save your 100 bucks and get a real guitar, not just a design/someoens name.

Wake up and get off of the bandwagon. Any guitar you get for 100 dollars is going to blow. Besides, BC Rich is getting back on track with their Gunslingers, Ironbirds, Mockingbirds, and Stealths.

Name another guitar for 600 dollars that has these specs.
-Original Floyd Rose
-Dimarzio pickups
-Rail single coil
-Maple Neck
metal lover i dont think you get the pawn shop part and i think this sells for like 700 new so its not a bad guitar im just wondering if there is any way to make money or get good parts from it
im mainly looking to make money off of this becouse i am saving up for a marshall jcm2000 and 2X12 cabinet
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metal lover i dont think you get the pawn shop part and i think this sells for like 700 new so its not a bad guitar im just wondering if there is any way to make money or get good parts from it

No. I understand that. I'm just a huge fan of 80's BC Richs and ones that are of good quality, so I can't stand it when someone says "buy a real guitar."
finally someone else who loves the 80s.... TS
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ok metal lover i was just confused by no good guitar for 100 and zep n gun who doesn't love 80s shred???
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Everybody should love 80s shred. Everybody should love BC Rich.
Don't ruin a good guitar, that's not what they're for. All the advice to "Blow it up/set it on fire/etc." is not the kind of advice you're going to hear from people who actually play their instruments. Maybe NASCAR fans, or people who rent "Faces of Death" videos.
Buy the guitar, play it, give it an honest chance (after all, for $100 you have almost nothing into it).
Um isnt the tomson signature a bolt on with hz'sthat was like 300$ new?
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